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01 Mortgages

Powerful new Modification & Foreclosure tools for Servicers, Lenders, Insurers, Ratings, etc.

02 Credit Cards

Powerful new consumer debt workout tools

03 Solutions

Powerful new OptInSettlement™, LitigationFreeZone™ and OptInSafeHarbor™ Tools

Recent News *New Servicer / Lender Exposures and Solutions.

HotNeutral™ is on target to form a joint venture special default servicing arm for HotNeutral™ default risk servicing products and services called HotNeutralDefaultReferral.


We Mitigate Litigation, Operational & Surveillance Risks, including Bankruptcy-Foreclosure-Trustee Administration & Litigation Risks, Loss Mitigation & Modification Risks, Credit Agency & Rating Risks, & Media Headline Risks.

How we work with you:

We work with your team to reach settlement & mitigation solutions for litigation and operational risks.

New Enhanced Risks & Exposures:

As recent laws, regulations and cases have greatly enhanced liability exposure, the need for voluntary resolution of such issues or lawsuits is now paramount. Opt In Safe Harbors™, Opt In Settlement™ and
Litigation Free Zone™ can provide the framework to such resolution and mitigation.

Recent News -
OptInSafeHarborsendorsed by AFN

Press Release Announcement:

As part of its Vision to be a primary catalyst of the mortgage banking community and as the forum of choice for the articulation of concerns and issues (see:, the American Legal & Financial Network, (“AFN”) announces its support of Opt In Safe Harbors™ as a viable mechanism to supply the framework for self-resolution among mortgage industry participants. Click Here for Press Release

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